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manual install
(06-11-2021, 11:06 AM)starflyer59 Wrote: My company blocks the Freda install from the Microsoft store. Is there somewhere that I can download Freda and install it on a windows 10 machine?

I don't formally support any alternative way of downloading and installing Freda, outside the Store.  The procedure would basically be 'obtain an APPX BUNDLE file for Freda, and run its install script'.  For expert users, who have admin rights to their PC, and who don't mind changing some security settings, and installing a rather doubtful self-signed security certificate, it would be feasible to install Freda that way.  It does come with a serious health warning - the procedure does involve circumventing the security protections on your PC, and it can go wrong in ways that are quite baffling (and in the worst case - which has actually happened to me - it can mean your PC gets so broken that you need to do a complete re-install of Windows).

So in general, if you email me directly with a request for the APPX BUNDLE file, and if you convince me that you know what you're doing, and that I'm not going to get blamed or held to account in any way when it all goes horribly wrong, then I'll send you a link to the files you need.

But I think that in your specific case, this won't work.  If you're using a company-provided PC, it's unlikely that you'll be allowed to change the security settings in the way that you'd need to, or to install the necessary security certificate(s).  And if the company are blocking the Store, it's probably because they have a corporate policy saying that staff should not be installing unapproved software on their PCs.  So I really can't recommend that you try any such thing.

I have, in the past, had productive discussions with Corporate IT folks in some organisations where they had employees who needed to use Freda (but the company did not want to grant general access to the Store).  There are ways to do that - but it has to be done by IT infrastructure manager setting up the APPX BUNDLE file for Freda as part of the corporate IT deployment infrastructure.  So if you have a 'business justification' for getting Freda installed on your company PC, by all means ask your company's IT infrastructure manager to get in touch, and we'll see what can be done

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