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A couple of suggestions
(10-17-2019, 10:07 PM)dan2the6th Wrote: Hi, I just bought freda+ yesterday for my Windows 10 laptop.

I have a couple of suggestions:

1)  Tweak the UI so that vertical scrollbars in text boxes don't stomp all over the text in the right side of the box.

2)  Offer some way of doing Feedback or Email Support WITHOUT using Outlook.  I use a web-based email, not Outlook.  Even displaying an email address would help, because then I could send an email manually.

Thanks.  So far I like reading my EPUB books with freda!

Thank you for the feedback - I will certainly check on point (1). As far as I recall, the standard UI design for Windows 10 should mean that, once you stop scrolling text, the scroll bar vanishes, so the text is legible.  I will take a look at the various places where I have scroll bars that could be causing problems with text.

Concerning point (2), I am using the Windows Universal approved method for sending emails from the app (it's basically equivalent to navigating to a "mailto:" URI).  If the app used a different way to send emails, it might fail Microsoft's app certification testing - they are a bit touchy about apps using non-standard methods for launching tasks on the system.  I'll take a look at the relevant app screens, though, and add an '' email address somewhere.

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