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5 columns in portrait mode
Hi guys, i am now using Freda for at least 3 years, in my surface 3 and now the surface pro. I use too the android version in my mobile! Wow guys.... Super application! 

I just wanted to ask you if it is possible to add more columns into portrait mode. 3 are not enough for me. I love to use very small columns so i can read in chunks of sentences, this allow me to scan really fast the pages. It is perfect for speed reading. 5 columns in portrait would be just perfect for me, even 6? Maybe...

In the book "Speed reading for dummies" you can find the science behind this idea of reading in columns, no hypertherm and for le left alignment.... 

Would be adding more columns very difficult to implement? I can't wait to get your answers guys, thank very much!! 

Great regards. 
J. G. González
I will add the option in a future release of Freda (it will be some time, as a new release is not planned soon).
oh, thank you!! Looking very much forward for it
(02-09-2019, 02:31 PM)Hometown Wrote: oh, thank you!! Looking very much forward for it

And the good news is that a new release will come within the next 2-4 weeks in fact (because it happens that Microsoft are about to shut down the service that I use for the 'translate' function, so I need to change the app to refer to the replacement translator service).

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