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Change Log v4.35
Freda update 4.35, 27th July 2020: Change Log
  • Reworked the CSS code, to handle long chains of selectors better, and to deal with pseudos more correctly (:nth-child variants and :not, in particular).
  • Fixed a bug affecting the specificity of the lower border style of tables (and other things)
  • Text-to-speech no longer applies emphasis (the Android TTS engines ignore the SSML emphasis tag, and the Windows TTS engine pronounces emphasis in a way that no-one could like)
  • Improved the reliability of loading bookmarks/highlights created by earlier versions of Freda: when loading bookmarks / highlights, if the number of words in the chapter does not match the saved numbers, and if there is a CFI available, use that rather than trying to interpolate a new word position.
  • The ‘download’ action on a book that has a ‘folder’ source will no longer delete the book (because we won’t be able to get to the file again, because system permissions).  It will now just clear and refresh all the cache files.
  • The ‘copy to clipboard’ function now includes new-lines for paragraph breaks.
  • (Android) Fix an issue seen with Gutenberg, around https downloads, caused by the use of an untrusted certificate by Gutenberg.
  • (Android) Fix problem with Dropbox login (by switching to using the system browser and a custom URI scheme)
  • (Windows) Accessibility fix: When the selected text range is cleared, keep it hanging around in the background, so that if the user does something ‘resumey’ it will start with that selection, not the first word on the page.  ‘something resumey’ would mean hitting an arrow key for example.
  • (Windows) Accessibility fix: Images are selectable, and when selected they say their image description alt text (via the speak-selected-text setting, and/or Narrator, and/or read-aloud).
  • (Windows) Accessibility fix: Image viewer control shows the media description alt text content, if there is any.
  • (Windows) Accessibility fix: Dialog boxes announce their names when displayed.  The close button, when selected says ‘close popup <dialog name>”.
  • (Windows) Accessibility fix: Reader page control button says the name of the book, and “reader page controls”.
  • (Windows) Accessibility fix: Reader page control ribbons buttons and close/minimise/pin/unpin buttons now say something making it clear which ribbon and which function they represent.
  • (Windows) Accessibility fix: added an item to the ‘accessible’ menu, to do ‘go back to bookshelf’.

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