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Changing path for onedrive sync?
Hi, I searched the forum for a similar question but didn't find anything. Is there any way to customize the path to which sync and archives are saved in OneDrive? I'd rather put it in something like Apps/Freda instead of at the root where it is now.

I didn't find any such option, so if it doesn't exist, I'd like to kindly request you consider it for a future version. I do use the windows app too so I suppose it needs to be in all of em so I understand if this is a bigger undertaking, but it would be appreciated!

many thanks
Hi, This is not something that Freda can do at the moment - all of the files and folders that it creates will just be in the /Freda folder, which will be placed inside your top level folder in OneDrive.  I could add a setting to let you use a different folder or path, though I do see some complications (making sure you don't pick a folder like '/', 'Documents' or 'Pictures' that would definitely cause problems, and dealing with the need use the same custom folder on all your devices).  It's doable though - I will add it to my to do list.

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