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HOW TO: Set Calibre to use Freda instead of its built-in reader
If you want to set Calibre up so that it uses Freda to read the book (instead of using Calibre's built-in book reader) whenever you tap on an EPUB file, you can do this:
1) Check that Freda is your machine's default app for opening EPUBs (start File Explorer, find an EPUB file, click on it, and verify that it opens with Freda; if it does not, then right-click, pick Open-With, pick 'choose another app' and select Freda, and check the 'always use this app' box).
2) Start Calibre, Open 'Preferences', 'Change Calibre Behaviour', then in the 'Interface' section choose 'Behaviour'
3) In the list of book file types on the right of the page, under the heading 'use internal viewer for' make sure that EPUB has no check mark.
4) Then use the 'Apply' button to save the new setting.

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