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Freda: the free ebook reader

Installation from MSIX download (sideloading)

Freda can be installed from the Microsoft Store (just open the Store app, and search for Freda), but if you prefer to avoid using the Store, it is possible to install Freda directly from an MSIX file (sometimes known as 'sideloading'). Please note that this procedure can cause problems with system security and stability - I can't guarantee that it will work for you, and I can't guarantee that your system will remain secure and stable after you do it. If you have difficulties with it, I won't be able to offer assistance. You proceed at your own risk, and you should keep in mind that the 'sideloading' process is really for expert Windows users only. The instructions below represent my understanding of what you need to do, and what the risks are - but I might be mistaken, and I'm not giving you any assurances that I've exercised due diligence, or tested these instructions properly. They worked, once, on one test machine, and that's all I claim.

Signing Certificates

When Windows installs an MSIX file, it uses a system of security certificates and signatures to assure itself that the file was provided someone trustworthy. The Freda MSIX file and the instructions below will circumvent this system, because I have used a self-signed certificate. If you don't understand what this means, then you're not an expert Windows user, and you definitely should not be sideloading apps. Bear in mind that to install this MSIX file you'll have to install the app's signing certificate on your machine, and tell the machine to trust any app that's signed with that certificate. Someone could intercept or spoof the download, or steal the certificate, and use it to do bad things (like installing malware on your system), and there'd be no way for you (or me) to know that this had happened. I'm making no great effort to keep the signing certificate secure, and if it were stolen I wouldn't do anything about it. Why, you might ask, am I not using a properly trusted certificate? The answer is just that this would cost several hundred dollars a year, and at the moment Freda is not earning the kind of revenue that would make that seem like a good idea.

To download the Freda MSIX file, click here.

The MSIX download corresponds to app version

Reminder: to install an MSIX file signed with an untrusted certificate, you'll need to take some specific steps. Here is a procedure that worked, at the time of writing, on one test machine:

Remember: I am not promising that this will work for you, and I'm warning you that even if it does work, it could cause problems later. You proceed at your own risk. If you aren't comfortable with this, please consider getting the app from the Microsoft Store instead.