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Change Log v4.34
Freda update 4.34, 19th June 2020: Change Log
  • When an SVG element specifies width and height in %, and it has a viewBox, then interpret the % values relative to the width and height of the viewBox.
  • Make table rendering more robust – don’t barf if some rows are shorter than others; retry layout in simpler ways if it fails first time.
  • The settings popup for font should, if ‘advanced rendering’ and ‘book style overrides Freda font selection’ are both set, include a message noting that this font will be overridden by the book’s font (and mentioning the possibility of adjusting ‘book style overrides Freda font selection’).
  • Fix lookup in the lexico dictionary, following the changes to their website.
  • (Android) When a glyph is missing from a font, use Noto Sans instead, or get the system to find us a font.
  • Make my background threads ‘long-running’.
  • (Android) change the behaviour of the settings screen so that it only applies the settings and repaginates the book when you tap ‘ok’ on the settings flyout. [because otherwise it’s very laggy when you start adjusting settings]
  • When reading aloud, include emphasis (note: the Android TTS engine appears to ignore emphasis anyway)
  • (Windows) – Implement a UI behaviour so that mouse-drag and finger-swipe are treated differently – i.e. mouse-drag always does select text, whereas finger-swipe may change pages, or select text, or be ignored.  This does seem like the sort of thing a user would expect.
  • Implement EPUB 3 CFIs for bookmark/location mark logic, and use it to define my bookmark & highlight locations in a portable way.  
  • When a block element has a width property assigned to give it a narrower width than its parent, and has textAlign “right” or “center”, then move the block over so that it is aligned correctly.
  • (Android) BUG FIX: fix coding issue with deobfuscating embedded font files.
  • When a CSS @font-face declaration uses a number to specify a font-weight, interpret 500 and under as ‘normal’ and 600+ as ‘bold’.
  • Integrate Vungle advertising API and only fall back to AdsJumbo if Vungle has no ads for us.  (To think about later: Pubfinity, IronSource).
  • Improve handling of ‘v’ elements in FB2 books.
  • BUG FIX: ‘ERROR: MainViewModel.LibraryBookIdForURI - exception: System.InvalidOperationException: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.’ – which happens particularly when you download multiple books in one go.
  • (Windows) Revert to using the WebView-based code for SVG image rendering (the wieslawstoltes Svg.Skia library is not stable in production)
  • (Windows) Accessibility: implement an option to use a ‘keyboard accessible UI’ on the reader screen, using cascading flyout menus.
  • (Android) Use HarfBuzz shaper when rendering Devanagari text. (hopefully meaning we get ligatures right)
[UPDATE 22nd July: I've made a further update, to address some reported issues with books that had been open before the 4.34 update, and were now not displaying correctly.  The issue was caused by corruption of the app's cache files]

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